About Team TM Podcast

The TM Podcast is mainly done by some TM developers in Walldorf. The idea is to have an alternative way of sharing knowledge and also some background information. And we try to make it not too booring :->

2 thoughts on “About Team TM Podcast

  1. antonio veloso

    Dear colleagues,

    I just would like to thank you so much for this idea and the effort you put on it.

    Additionally, I would like to express how proud I am of being not only your colleague as an sap employee but also of being part of this small but great team of consultants that work with SAP TM in SAP. Every day that passes I get the feeling that you guys might be one of the best development teams that I have seen in SAP product development teams. Congratulations and very well done!

    Please continue to do this since i have great moments while listening to you guys. I learn a lot as well as I have good laughs with Bernd’s sense of humor and other funny colleagues đŸ™‚

    Thank you so much once more and please never hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

    Best regards

    AntĂ³nio Veloso

    Business Processes Consultant,
    SAP EMEA Solution Center,
    Lagoas Park, Edf. 14 Piso 3, 2740-262 Porto Salvo, Portugal

    T +351 214 464 483, M +351 937 906 749, E antonio.veloso@sap.com

    1. hdbernd Post author

      Hi Antonio,

      thanks for the feedback and the warm words, this of course is a very good motivation…
      We try to keep producing…as we also need to develop we may not always find enough time, but we try our best.

      Team TM Podcast

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