TMP033 TM Quicksearch

This ( also video…) episode is a bit special, it´s the introduction of the TM Quicksearch. The TM Quicksearch is an easy way to find all kind of transactional documents like Forwarding Orders, Freight Bookings, Freight Orders, SFIRS and the like directly from the (installed) NWBC search bar. For all releases out in the wild it needs to be made technically available with a note first: 2260864.

After installing the note the required classes are available. Additionally you need to activate an SICF service for the class and configure an search provider for the NWBC, this is described here.

In the podcasts our students which implemented the search are also explaining the architecture of the search class so that you can use it to either build your own search classes or enhance our classes by inheriting from them.

PS: For those interested in supporting the TM podcast by donating Auphonic processing time, some more information can be found here:

All information provided by this podcast is based on our best knowledge. However there can be wrong information or things can be changed.

3 thoughts on “TMP033 TM Quicksearch

      1. Rajiv Lund

        I really liked it. Image you would start some Hangout sessions or like Channel 9.

        What would be really cool, if there would be some video lectures: How to implement a TM System. And this is more about the principles/paradigms and not customizing,e.g.:
        – One zone vs. a lot of zones
        – Planning Run size
        – How mane FU types should a customer have

        I know this information is distributed in all podcasts and this is a problem for many persons. I love the podcasts a hear them from time to time again. However, I know a lot of persons who does not do this, since there are 33 (great) podcast with at least 1 hour length.

        I hope you know what I mean 😉



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