TMP025 SAP TM Collaboration Portal

The SAP TM Collaboration Portal is an web based component allowing collaboration between TM and the carriers. It covers freight procurement, tendering, execution and finally invoicing/dispute management. So a lot to talk about.

All information provided by this podcast is based on our best knowledge. However there can be wrong information or things can be changed.

3 thoughts on “TMP025 SAP TM Collaboration Portal

  1. Vivek Kota

    My customer has their own corporate portal and wants to use the TM collaboration portal within the corporate portal as that they portray one front end image/UI to their Customers and Vendors/Carriers.
    Can this be accomplished and what would be the complexity.
    Please advise.

    1. Jan Rumig

      If the corporate portal is a SAP NetWeaver Portal, the TM collaboration portal can be integrated into it.
      The newest version of the admin guide contains a chapter how to achieve this. Please check the information there.

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