TMP029: TM 9.3 Refactoring: UI

As good agile developers we did some refactoring in TM 9.3. This episode is about the UI part of the refactoring. We talk on why, where and how we refactored.
TECH Warning: This one is really technical, if you liked the FBI episode, you will love it, if you don´t know what FBI (in TM context) is, you may skip this episode.

The developer cookbook can be found here: TBI Cookbook.

PS: If you are suprised by the episode picture, it´s a Trabbi, the famous east german car, credits for the picture goes to:

“Trabant 601S profil” by Marseille77 – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

All information provided by this podcast is based on our best knowledge. However there can be wrong information or things can be changed.

5 thoughts on “TMP029: TM 9.3 Refactoring: UI

  1. Rajiv Lund

    Hi Bernd,

    do you know whether the mentioned TBI Cookbook ist finalized and available?

    Thanks a lot.




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