TMP020 Performance

This episode is more on the techi side, so fun ahead! We talk about how to develop in the TM (= BOPF ) context and how not to develop in the same.

All information provided by this podcast is based on our best knowledge. However there can be wrong information or things can be changed.

2 thoughts on “TMP020 Performance

  1. Kasi

    We have added some Z fields in the TOR_ROOT and we are doing some loops/read based on it.
    We are not able to add secondary keys (internal table) for the TM table types like /scmtms/t_tor_root_k, is this something available in some specific NW release ?

    1. hdbernd Post author

      Hi Kasi,

      I´m not aware of such limitation. Do you get an error message when creating the secondary key? If so, please share the message ID and number from the error message,

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